What does the washing symbols mean?

Do not wash
Handwash max 40°
Normal washing max 30°
Normal washing max 40°
Normal washing max 50°
Normal washing max 60°
Normal washing max 70°
Normal washing max 95°
Normal washing
Gentle washing
Gentle washing max 30°
Gentle washing max 40°
Gentle washing max 50°
Gentle washing max 60°
Gentle washing max 70°
Gentle washing max 95°
Do not twist after wash
Extra gentle washing
Extra gentle washing max 30°
Extra gentle washing max 40°
Extra gentle washing max 50°
Extra gentle washing max 60°
Extra gentle washing max 70°
Extra gentle washing max 95°
Do not use dryer
Dryer max 40°C
Dryer max 60°C
Dryer high temperature
Dryer without heat
Dry lying down
Dry hanging
Dry in the shadow
Can be ironed
Do not iron
Iron max 110°C
Iron max 150°C
Iron max 200°C
Can be steamed
Do not steam
Dry Cleaning
Do not dry clean
Dry cleaning with any solvent
Dry clean hydrocarbon solvent only
Gentle cleaning with hydrocarbon solvents
Dry clean, any solvent except tetrachloroethylene
Gentle cleaning with PCE
Professional wet cleaning
Gentle wet cleaning
Withstain all bleaching
Do not bleach
Non-chlorine bleach
Chlorine bleach allowed
Do not chlorine bleach