Bring your Lemon Soap on tour. We have a small version in an organic cotton bag – perfect in your backpack! For quick and easy cleaning of your clothes or dishwashing. After the tour you may need to clean your equipment. See below how to do it:

Sports wear

how to remove stains

Lemon Soap removes stains easily on all kind of gym clothes. Just put the garment in water and rub the soap on all stains before rinsing or washing.

how to was your gym garments

We recommend to wash all gym clothes with Lemon Wash, which is made of natural oils and has an antistatic effect.

To avoid sweat or sour smell, we advise not to leave used and sweaty clothes in your gym bag or plastic. Hang it up to dry until you are able to wash it. Do not use softeners.

Sports equipment

Lemon Scrub is perfect for cleaning of your sport’s equipment like golf clubs, bicycles or sleds. 

  1. Apply Lemon Scrub with a wet cloth or sponge
  2. Rub and leave for extra effect 
  3. Rinse or wipe off with water


Do not machine wash your tent. Normally, it’s enough to clean with lukewarm water and a sponge or cloth. If you have difficult stains, this is how to remove them:

  1. In case of a lot of mud, soil or sand – dry the tent, brush or shake off everything that is possible.
  2. Put up your tent
  3. Rub on the stains with a wet sponge applied with Lemon Soap or rub in foam from Lemon Foam, but remember that the foam should be wiped off right away.
  4. Wipe off all soap with a wet cloth
  5. Leave the tent to dry
  6. Re-impregnate the tent when it is completely clean and dry

Tip! Always be sure to vent and dry the tent well before packing it away so you do not run the risk of getting mildew on the tent.

Sleeping bag

Normally the sleeping bag only needs to be ventilated and dried outside or inside a well-ventilated room. Sleeping bags may be filled with down or synthetic insulation. Most sleeping bags can be washed but check the washing instructions to be sure. If you get difficult stains, see below how to remove stains and clean the bag.

  1. Rub with lemon soap and water on all stains
  2. Leave to work for a couple of hours
  3. Sleeping bags with down filling should be machine washed at 60 degrees with Wool Wash.
  4. Sleeping bags with synthetic filling should be machine washed at 40 degrees with Lemon Wash.
  5. Tumble dry until completely dry.

  1. Use Lemon Foam
  2. Press out foam and massage onto the stains
  3. Wipe off all soap with a wet cloth immediately after application
  4. Air dry the sleeping bag until it’s completely dry


  1. Put the rug in lukewarm water
  2. Rub with Lemon Soap on the stain til it’s gone
  3. For old or difficult stains – leave the rug in the soap water for a while
  4. Machine wash the rug with Wool Wash at a delicates program
  5. Hang up to dry in two corners
  6. Brush the rug with a suitable brush or comb before it’s completely dry
  1. Use Lemon Foam
  2. Rub the foam onto the stains
  3. Wipe off all soap immediately with a wet cloth
  4. Leave to dry
  5. Brush the rug with a suitable brush or comb